Thursday, January 19, 2012


BATTLE BLOKX: A new and inexpensive way to assemble massive miniture war-gaming terrain for 28 to 30mm sci-fi and modern era miniatures. Below is a 3D rendering of the basic "Blok" which can be used to build towers or thick high walls. The Blokx will be formed from thermo-molded plastic; as a result they will be light weight, will easily accept glue or paint, and be relativity inexpensive when compared to resin or injection molded pieces of similar scale.

We hope to launch our Kickstarter Project within the next sixty days, and we will be using this blog to keep everyone interested up to date with this project. We should have actual prototypes done in the next month.

Compatiable with 40K, DUST Tactics, and many more.

We are not affiliated with Games Workshop or Fantasy Flight Games. All copyrights are those of the respective holders.

"Battle Blokx" and the designs for Battle Blokx are copyright of BATTLE BLOKX.

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