Sunday, February 5, 2012

New design and a little delay.

We planed on launching the Kickstarter on  March 1, but due to events beyond our control we will be delayed about three to four weeks. We still hope to launch before April.

In the mean time we will be taking this time to continue working on the 3D renders and developing new Blok ideas. We have already decided that the Basik Blok should be shortened so that you folks will have more control over how tall a structure is. While this means you will need more Blokx to build a tower it also means a set will contain more Blokx; as the new ones should be easier to form and require less plastic.

Here’s a look…

basik bliok

And this is what a stack of four will look like.

blok stack

We’ll have more news as February continues.


  1. I think that it's uneccessary. Consider the time required to build them, and the extra material required for the extra surfaces. The flexibility for building height customization is practically negligible.

    Making levels of 2 or 3 block stacks consistently is much, much easier than making levels of 8 or 12 block stacks.

    I like the extra ladder details on all sides, although still wonder if the front of a defense tower would need ladder too.

  2. Thanks for the comment, we will most likly have several styles of "basic" blokx, but this is all still in the early stages.

    Keep in mind because of the process we're using the shorter a blok the less material they require, and the more we can produce in a single process.

    Thanks again.