Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Photos of the First Prototype Masters

Here are a few pictures of the new clay master for the prototypes that we’ll be molding in the coming weeks.


These are just for testing, but as you can see we tried to stay as close to the renders as possible even with these handmade examples. The final product will have masters printed on a 3D printer, and will match the 3D computer models exactly.

There’s a lot of work ahead in the coming weeks, as we prep for the Kickstarter launch, we’ll do our best to keep you all informed of the constant design changes and tweaks.

The figures are for demonstrating scale only and are copyright of FFG and Dust Studio.


  1. Love what you guys are doing!! Very innovative and useful stuff here guys!! I would like to see some sort of compatibility with 15 MM (totally acknowledge that the big demographic is GW games, Dust, etc. etc. 15 MM sci-fi is a small niche) really the only thing that would be needed there would be some sort of stair and ladder insert/overlay or something ... perhaps just something as easy as a tutorial on how to do an easy conversion. Just a suggestion from a random guy on the net. I love what your doing here and plan to kick in!

  2. Thanks for the comment, because of the we hope to produce these it would be possiable to simply make them smaller for smaller scales, 15mm compatability is definatly something we will keep in mind as we go forward.

  3. Since you have used Dust figures (the only game I really currently play) for your pics, any chance of catering to the Dust crowd and adding a small dot or small circular depression in the very center of your tiles for Dust line of sight purposes?

    I can tell you, this is a great idea and the only Kickstarter project I have considered backing. Thanks!

  4. We’ve thought about that, but we’re a little worried about stepping on FFG or Dust Studio’s toes. If we decide to do it, we will announce it on the Kickstarter updates page, and it will probably take the form of a “small drain” detail.