Monday, February 13, 2012

The Prototypes are Not Happening.

Every new business has it’s hiccups, and this is one of ours. We picked up a device for creating vacuum formed hobby items like soap and candles, it turns out that the vacuum provided by the shop vac, just isn’t capable of providing sufficient vacuum pressure to form the 90 degree angles need to make the BATTLE BLOKX.

We were able to get one relatively good model, but most we not great.


As you can see there is significant “webbing” and low definition.


The prototypes we only going to be used to demonstrate our BLOKX in our Kickstarter video, we don’t need them for any technical reason, as the capabilities of the professional machine are far beyond that of the hobby devices, which make great Jell-O molds by the way.

So, where do we go from here? Well, we keep moving forward, were going to start working on our Kickstarter video, and revising our Kickstarter project, once it’s complete we’ll launch.

Well I’ll have a lot of 3D rendering to do, so all for now.


  1. we al have to start somewhere :)

  2. Our daughter is going to love us making Jello molds of her faverate stuff toys..

    I think I am going to make a larger bear mold for her birthday...maybe a Bunny on for easter...