Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where all the money goes…

We received a few questions about what exactly the money will be spent on, and how much profit we're going to make. First, let me say that we aren't going to make much profit if any, we're not here to do that. We're here to raise funds for the equipment and supplies to begin what will become a large and varied product line. 

Secondly, here is how the money will be spent (rounded up to the nearest 1000 or 100 to cover most shipping charges).

$10,000.00 will go towards the vacuum forming machine itself, plus delivery.

$3,300.00 will go towards the actual plastic to form the Blokx.

$2,000.00 is set aside for the 3D printer to create the "originals".

$500.00 will go to silicon rubber for making "negative masters".

$600.00 will be for aluminum filled resin to make the production masters.

$2,600.00 is going towards tools, workbenches, electrical upgrades to support the vacuum machine, and other supplies.

$4,000.00 for postage, and boxes, etc for shipping.

$2,000.00 for licenses, tax forms, lawyers, and other government fees.

That leaves just $5,000.00 most of which will go to Kickstarter and Amazon.

So you can see that well over half the money is going directly to making the Blokx, and the rest is going to support that. We hope that helps everyone understand how the money will be spent.

Thanks to all our backers so far.


  1. Have you tried the BotMill 3D Printer. A complete plug-n-print system for $1395. Prints witha 0.35 nozzle for optimum quality. Request a free 3D printed plastic sample here:

  2. We haven't 100% decided on the exact 3D printer we will use, the budget has some padding.